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Central Asia Travel Guide Turistickí sprievodcovia

Greg Bloom, John Noble, Bradley Mayhew
Lonely Planet | 08/2007
Borat may not have been the most savoury of ambassadors, but at least he shone a light on Central Asia. With a history starring Alexander the Great, a landscape featuring snowcapped mountains in Tajikistan, and seminomadic Kyrgyz herders to hang out...
cena: 24.44 € (736.28 Sk)

Edícia: Multi-Country Guides, 4th Edition 
Jazyk: GB 
Formát: 13×20 cm 
Počet strán: 508 str. / 12 obr. str. / 82 máp 
Dátum vydania: 08/2007 
ISBN: 978-1-74104-614-4 
EAN: 9781741046144