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South India Travel Guide Turistickí sprievodcovia

Sarina Singh, Amy Karafin, Rafael Wlodarski
Lonely Planet | 09/2007
India doesnt have to be all parched deserts and rushrush cities. The pace in South India is turned down to chill, and you can do just that in the breezy backwaters of tropical Kerala, under a nodding palm on a Goan beach or in a sleek Mumbai bar....
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Edícia: Regional Guides, 4th Edition 
Jazyk: GB 
Formát: 13×20 cm 
Počet strán: 548 str. / 20 obr. str. / 119 máp 
Dátum vydania: 09/2007 
ISBN: 978-1-74104-704-2 
EAN: 9781741047042